Key Industry Groups Register Concerns with Issa Government IT Acquisition Reform Bill

Areas of Concern Must Be Addressed For Industry Endorsement

Washington, DC – TechAmerica today joined with leading associations in a letter to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa to register concerns with a bill that would reform the way the federal government buys information technology.

In the letter signed by TechAmerica, BSA, the Coalition for Government Procurement (CGP) and ITI, the group warns the Chairman “we have identified a number of specific provisions in the bill that we support, as well as portions that raise serious concerns and must be modified if the bill is to earn our support.”

The organizations concerns with the current version of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) largely surround provisions that would create more confusion for government procurement officials and could hamper the acquisition process, not simplify it.

The group also singled out the potential for unintended consequences for minority owned businesses writing, “Finally, we have concerns about unintended consequences that the legislation might have for small and minority owned businesses and other value added resellers who, working closely with their agency customers, have built innovative products and services upon the technology platforms created by our member companies.”

TechAmerica’s Senior Vice President for Global Public Sector, Trey Hodgkins registered his continued appreciation for the Chairman’s efforts but urged action.

“We truly appreciate the effort of Chairman Issa and his staff and look forward to continuing to discuss our serious concerns. Ensuring that the federal acquisition system is working as it should be, the government has access to the latest innovation and that taxpayers are getting the best value for their money is the top priority for all of us,” said Mr. Hodgkins.

The entire letter can be found here.