Connect with Industry Leaders and Decision Makers

High quality connections with other industry leaders and policymakers are critical in advancing your business.  TechAmerica understands and delivers this level of connectivity as a core component of your membership in TechAmerica.

What do you get?

  • A nationwide network of technology executives, which allows you to build and strengthen relationships with potential customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Access to key policymakers to educate regulators and policymakers about the many facets of the tech industry and the particular challenges and opportunities that the industry has.
  • Over 40 different committees with more than 500 meetings and events each year to facilitate exposure and connections for our members on a local, state, national, and international stage.  These meetings range from issue focused committee meetings to meetings with government policy makers.  Sign up today to receive meeting notices, agenda, and updates.
  • More than 80 events in the form of Roadshows, Conferences and Award dinners to highlight our industry accomplishments and to inform our community about the latest topics.  See our latest events.
  • Over 200 opportunities to meet face-to-face with policymakers around the globe.

Committee Meetings

Regular meetings on topics of common interest at the state, federal, or international level, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Customs and Export Controls, Cybersecurity, procurement policy, tax and more.

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Legislative & Executive Branch Meetings

Frequent meetings with policymakers and government executives in key decision-making arenas such as White House, House of Representatives, Senate, Federal Agencies, State Governments & Legislatures and the European Union. TechAmerica hosts monthly policy maker dinners, Congressional 101’s and innovation roundtables at the federal and state level.

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Expanded series of regional, national and international “thought leadership” and networking summits on critical, industry-wide priorities, such as Privacy, Big Data, and Government Market Analysis.

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Educational, market-specific events where members can network with potential clients, business partners, suppliers, and government officials, such as:

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Recognition programs that reward excellence in member innovation and industry achievement, such as:

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Featured Meetings & Events

DC Fly-In

February 10, 2015 8:00 AM to February 11, 2015 5:00 PM

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