All countries implement customs laws and regulations in order to determine the classification, value, and origin of imported commodities.  In addition, countries have established voluntary and mandatory security programs in order to ensure the safety and security of shipments crossing their borders.  Non-compliance with customs laws and regulations can result in fines, penalties and forfeitures of merchandise, as well as significant delays at the border.

TechAmerica Position

TechAmerica educates and keeps members current on Customs regulations and issues, as well as engages with the United States and foreign governments to make Customs procedures streamlined, effective, and transparent for both government and industry. These efforts are aimed at ensuring compliance with laws and regulations as well as minimizing the financial and administrative impacts.

TechAmerica Activities

  • TechAmerica regularly communicates with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the U.S. International Trade Commission and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative on Customs issues, laws and regulations.
  • TechAmerica also attends the Harmonized System Committee and Review Subcommittee meetings at the World Customs Organization in Brussels.
  • In 2012 TechAmerica convened an industry/government forum in order to provide education and awareness of high tech customs issues for the newly created U.S. Customs and Border Protection Center of Excellence and Expertise for Electronics, located in Long Beach, CA.
  • In 2013 TechAmerica will hold its 7th Annual Global Trade Compliance Best Practices Conference in the Silicon Valley.  This conference routinely sells out with other 100 trade compliance professionals in attendance.

TechAmerica Customs Committee

The TechAmerica Customs Committee convenes quarterly meetings with in person and teleconference participation in order for members to discuss regulatory updates and hear from key U.S. and foreign government officials.  Educational webinars are held throughout the year on topics of interest and members share best practices in compliance.

TechAmerica Staff Contact

Ken Montgomery
Vice President, International Trade Regulation

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