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Energy efficiency and sustainability are areas of critical importance to our member companies, many of whom already have proven track records of promoting environmental stewardship and conserving crucial resources.  Voluntary pathways to energy savings present flexibility not inherent in regulation and allows for solutions that can keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology sector.

As public awareness and concerns over the environment grow consumers are becoming more and more invested in protecting the environment and ensuring a lower power bill. Therefore, TechAmerica and it members have been speaking with local, state and federal power authorities to ensure the fast track integration of Smart Grid systems (a network that will integrate information and communication technologies with the power-delivery infrastructure, enabling two-way flows of energy and communications)  into our aging electrical grid. New technologies found in Smart Grid systems  allow consumers at any level to accurately monitor their usages directly from their smartphone or PC and also provide an state of the art electrical grid monitoring system to ensure that when power goes out utilities have the most accurate information to get the system up and running again.

TechAmerica Position

A stable and reliable electrical grid infrastructure is an integral part of a strong American economy that can ensure its competitiveness against growing economies. Regardless of an industry, no one can deny that it is in America’s best interest to ensure that consumers use their power efficiently using the best available technologies available.

TechAmerica Activities

TechAmerica holds monthly meetings addressing the latest developments within the different levels of government and coordinating with industry to ensure the most effective responses that benefits the high-tech industry.  In 2012 had a field trip to Austin, Texas to engage members with state officials learn about local activities and network within industry. In 2013, TechAmerica will be working to engage our membership on the ground with officials in New York State.

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Burak Guvensoylar
Director, Federal Government Affairs

Kevin Callahan
Director, State Government Affairs – Northeast