Export Controls

Countries establish export controls based upon foreign policy and national security reasons.  Laws and regulations are implemented that require federal agency approval prior to the export of controlled items, commodities, technology, software or information to restricted foreign countries, persons and entities (including universities).  Non-compliance with export laws and regulations can result in fines, penalties and loss of export privileges. The technology industry is particularly affected by export controls because of the nature of our products.

TechAmerica Position

TechAmerica educates and keeps members current on U.S. export regulations for dual-use goods and technology and munitions items, as well as works with the U.S. Congress and the Administration as necessary to make U.S. export controls streamlined, effective, and transparent for both government and industry. TechAmerica and the Export Controls Committee also follow regulatory developments in major trading partner countries such as Mexico, Russia and China.

TechAmerica Activities

  • TechAmerica distributes U.S. government federal register notices and articles on regulatory changes.  Government officials provide updates at quarterly meetings and members-only webinars.
  • Members are currently providing comments on proposed rule changes based upon the President’s Export Control Reform Initiative.
  • In 2013 TechAmerica will hold its 7th Annual Global Trade Compliance Best Practices Conference in the Silicon Valley in September.  This conference routinely sells out with other 100 trade compliance professionals in attendance.

TechAmerica Export Controls Committee

The TechAmerica Export Controls Committee convenes quarterly meetings with in person and teleconference participation in order for members to discuss regulatory updates and hear from key U.S. and foreign government officials.  Educational webinars are held throughout the year on topics of interest and members share best practices in compliance.

TechAmerica Staff Contact TechAmerica Staff Contact

Ken Montgomery
Vice President, International Trade Regulation


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