Internet Governance

Often taking the backseat to domestic Internet policy concerns, Internet governance issues garnered added attention in 2012 because of key policy initiatives and meetings.  Discussion around the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) domain name expansion and the International Telecommunications Union ‘s (ITU) review of its International Telecommunication Regulations stimulated much needed industry oversight of how the Internet is governed and regulated on a global scale.  It is fully expected that 2013 and beyond will continue to provide opportunities for increased dialogue.  Put simply, the industry’s priorities are ensuring greater access to global markets and an Internet that remains open and relatively free of regulation.

TechAmerica Position

TechAmerica supports the current multi-stakeholder approach to Internet governance, rather than a top-down regulatory approach.  Efforts underway at ICANN, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and other venues provide the necessary structure to effective governance of global Internet issues without heavy-handed regulation.  TechAmerica supports Internet governance initiatives that respect the many and varied voices in the Internet ecosystem and ensure that a robust Internet ecosystem leads to innovation and industry growth.

TechAmerica Activities

Representing the Internet industry in its entirety, TechAmerica serves as a platform and host for organized briefings with U.S. government personnel as a “one-stop-shop” for Internet governance policy discussion.  Additionally, TechAmerica has and will continue to participate in multi-stakeholder events, including IGF and IGF-USA.

TechAmerica Internet Governance Subcommittee

The Subcommittee brings together companies that share the like-minded goal of ensuring minimal global Internet regulation.  It is through the subcommittee that TechAmerica engages with the U.S. government and multi-stakeholder groups to ensure the Internet remains open and free.  The sub-committee’s focus is preparing for the annual IGF work and prep for ITU events in 2013, including the ITU-World Telecommunications Policy Forum in May in Geneva.  The subcommittee meets on an ad hoc, as needed, basis in TechAmerica’s DC office.

TechAmerica Staff Contact TechAmerica Staff Contact

Mike Hettinger
Senior Vice President, Public Sector

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