Becoming known as the Silicon Prairie, the Midwest is home to a growing tech sector.  TechAmerica’s Midwest region, headquartered in Chicago, covers:  Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

Some key Midwest figures from the TechAmerica Foundation’s Cyberstates Report:

  • Michigan was the 2nd fastest growing state in tech employment, with an increase of 3.8 percent.
  • Illinois’ high-tech industry ranks as the 8th largest Cyberstate.  Illinois’ tech industry employed 209,776 tech industry workers with a total payroll of $18.3 billion in 2012.
  • Kansas’s average tech industry wage in 2012 was $76,000 – 90 percent higher than the state’s average private sector wage
  • In Minnesota, 5.5 % of private sector workers consisted of tech workers.

Hot Issues in the Region

  • Privacy, especially around social media –  these bills continue to be filed across the country, prohibiting employers from requesting passwords to individual social media accounts from employees or applicants.
  • Digital Assets/Descendant Access – discussions continue to center around the distinction of assets, as well as rights and access to digital assets from an estate.
  • Tax – as states continue to create new avenues for revenue, taxes will continue to be an issue.  From affiliate nexus taxes to taxes on digital purchases, these bills will continue to be in play.


Midwest SGA Committee (Chair, Mike McDermott – Verizon)

The Midwest Policy Committee focuses on educating members and state legislators on the impact and potential outcomes of legislative movements and works proactively to support favorable legislation and initiatives that foster growth and innovation in the Midwest region. The committee also works to raise the visibility of the TechAmerica member companies and the growing tech industry in the region.

The committee’s priorities are:

TechAmerica Contact

Alexi Madon
Director, State Government Affairs, Midwest Region