SKILLS Visa Act Moves Forward As Immigration Moves to the House

Washington, DC –TechAmerica, the leading U.S. technology trade association, applauded the House Judiciary Committee commitment to moving forward with immigration reform through their passage of H.R. 2131, the “SKILLS Visa Act”.

The following statement is from Kevin Richards, TechAmerica’s Senior Vice President for Federal Government Affairs.

“On a day where we saw historic legislation pass the U.S. Senate, we are delighted to see the SKILLS Act take a positive step forward towards reforming our broken immigration system.

We appreciate the bill sponsors’ responsiveness to the technology industry’s concerns and their willingness to work with industry in perfecting this bill on the floor of the House so that America will have a 21st century immigration system with a workforce consisting of the world’s brightest minds.

Our nation’s ability to out innovate the rest of the world is dependent on a flexible and expedited high skilled visa system and investing in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills our students need to succeed in the innovation economy.  TechAmerica will continue to pursue these priorities in the final House version of immigration reform legislation.

We thank the members of the House Judiciary Committee for pushing ahead on this important issue and will continue to work with all members of the House and Senate to get a bipartisan bill to the president’s desk.”