TechAmerica Applauds Chairman Issa for Listening to Industry Concerns on FITARA

Washington, DC – TechAmerica, the leading U.S. technology trade association, today applauded Oversight and Government Reform Chairman, Darrell Issa for working over the last two years to alleviate a great many of the concerns industry had with H.R. 1232, the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act of 2014 and threw the Association’s support behind the proposed amendment.

In a letter to the Chairman today, TechAmerica’s Senior Vice President for Public Sector and Federal Government Affairs, Mike Hettinger, stressed the common interest of federal IT acquisition reform and pledged to work with the Chairman to achieve that reform.

About the letter, Mr. Hettinger said, “Chairman Issa, and his staff, has shown a great willingness to listen to the concerns of industry, which is reflected in the bill. While we still have questions about some of the provisions, we look forward to seeing the bill move forward. Reforming the acquisition process for federal IT is critical and we must all work together to get the best possible outcome.”

Mr. Hettinger wrote:

“We appreciate the outreach and work that you and your staff conducted over the past two years and your efforts to revise and amend the legislation based on the concerns that have been expressed by industry.

Like you, TechAmerica believes that Federal IT acquisition reform is overdue. Overall, TechAmerica members believe that reform should aim to achieve the simple goal of improving the way federal agencies buy and manage information technology. FITARA puts in place needed changes to IT acquisition and management including increasing the authority of agency CIOs, promoting data center optimization, and recognizing the importance of a highly skilled IT workforce.

The original legislation, as introduced in 2012 caused concern for the federal IT industry, but the changes made to FITARA prior to its inclusion in the FY 2014 National Defense Authorization Act and the further changes reflected in the Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute have addressed many of the concerns that we initially expressed.

While we still have questions regarding some provisions in this legislation, we are pleased to support your efforts to move the bill forward. We look forward to continuing to work with you and your staff to effectively reform federal IT acquisition.”