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With the advancement in technology, government has made significant changes to improve the delivery of health and human service public assistance programs such as child support services, TANF, SNAP and Medicaid.

The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) by Congress  to overhaul the nation’s health care system and guarantee access to medical insurance for tens of millions of Americans, shifted more responsibility for the delivery of benefits in health and human services programs to states. Thus prompting states to further modernize the administration for public assistance program to improve customer service for applicants and recipients;  improve program integrity; improve alignment and integration with other health and human service programs and  to make their health and human services system more accessible to citizens.

On Jan. 1, 2014, most health care coverage expansions included in the health care reform law will take effect. These include extension of Medicaid eligibility to non-elderly adults and children. An even larger impact on health and well-being will be made if states use this opportunity to improve how families access human services (such as SNAP/food stamps and child care assistance) as well as health care.

TechAmerica Position

TechAmerica supports the wide scale adoption of technology solutions in the health and human services programs. Investing in innovative health information technologies will transform health care quality, reduce medical errors, improve delivery of human services programs and make health care more accessible to our citizens thereby saving lives, reducing health care costs, and also creating jobs.

TechAmerica Activities

TechAmerica Human Services IT Advisory Group (HSITAG)

Formed in 1993, HSITAG (Chair: Jerry Friedman, Accenture; Vice Chairs: Michael Coulson, Deloitte and Paul Hencoski, KPMG) seeks to improve the delivery of human services programs through IT and modern management practices.  Ongoing concerns have been the facilitation of program and support services integration, federal funding and approval processes, and IT procurement reform. HSITAG intends to expand its focus to cover issues pertaining to health care and Health IT in 2013. The task group meets the first Wednesday of each month, often with guest speakers representing federal and state human services agencies.

Report Released May 8, 2014: The Role of Data in Health Care Reform

Human Services Modernization Task Group

The Task Group monitors and responds to legislation that affects federal and state human services modernization and privatization and modernization initiatives. The Task Group works in concert with an array of governmental and private sector associations to communicate the industry’s views to key Congressional committees and subcommittees.

TechAmerica Staff Contact TechAmerica Staff Contact

Burak Guvensoylar
Director, Federal Government Affairs

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